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Souji Okita by ZeroCommet227
Souji Okita
I freaking love Hakuouki! I found it by watching rurouni Kenshin hehe. I really have a thing for all of the characters, which is odd because I usually have a favorite XD So more to come!

“This one’s trouble, bring her with us.” The director quickly walked out of the room closely followed by the guard and the girl. “How of all places did our defenses get broken-how are they this close?”

“Sir, we don’t know that yet. We are doing everything we can-but for now we need to mobilize the fleet.” Another personnel had joined the directors group as they headed into the secure elevator and headed down to F1. The giant metal double doors opened up to a huge concrete underground garage. Armed guards lined the way out of the elevator as they proceeded out.

“Listen I don’t care what it takes-detour them, destroy them, keep them away from our cargo! Do you have any idea what will happen if word gets out of the technology we’re harboring?”

“Ah c’ome on, this girl is useless- look she’s bleeding everywhere.” The guard shook the girl who was tightly handcuffed and battered. The director turned momentarily then quickly away from her sight. The girl looked up under her unruly hair at the surroundings. A long fleet line of cars lined one side of the concrete interior. All of them were black- cars, suv’s, trucks. Yet in the middle of the fleet one particularly stood out. A dark greyish aggressive car gave off a different aurora than the rest. She couldn’t take her eyes off it, scanning every inch she had never seen such a vehicle before. It was different and she couldn’t figure out why it was such from the rest.

“She has payments to be made I don’t care do not let her out of your sight-” The lights flickered a moment. The grip on her arm became tighter. From the elevator there was a guard yelling out.

“Sir they-they’re here you must get moving.” The director took no second thought, he quickly turned on his heel and began walking briskly towards the end of the fleet. Another flicker-the lights went out. Panic came over the lot. They moved quickly in the dark past the line of cars. Using flashlights. It was strange she felt like she was being watched by an external force. Walking and tripping she knew exactly when she passed in front of the strange car- even though it was pitch black and nothing could be seen.

Automatically the night vision camera activated when they passed in front of it. The screen zoomed in on the girl as they passed out of the line of vision.

Suddenly a large sound shook the whole garage. The traveling group fell to the ground in fear and panic.

“What-what was that?” The director’s voice shook out, scrambling to his feet he and the guard began moving but the girl laid on the concrete floor.

“What are you doing? Get up, Get up!” The guard yanked and pulled on the girl to get her to her feet but she lay there not knowing what to do next.

Suddenly a large growl echoed through the garage. Everyone froze in their tracks. “What was that?” The director demanded.

“I- I don’t know it sounded like-“ The  guard was cut off by another loud growl from 20 feet behind them. A piercing beam of light came from a single direction then split into two as the entity turned itself out of the fleet towards them. The matrix LED lights stared down the group.

“What-who activated a-which vehicle is that?” The director spoke to the guard.

Now having light the guard reached down and began fussing and pulling the girl up again. She still refused to get to her feet and pulled away. The car let out a roar as it charged towards the guard in a split second. The director fell backwards as he scrambled away from the charging car. The headlights screeched to a halt mere inches from the guard as he released the girl and fell back too. Sitting on the ground next to the front wheel well she realized that it was the strange car that was in the fleet. The driver door popped open and did not move. Feeling a strange sensation she scrambled up and grabbed the handle and flung herself into the seat. Suddenly the car’s interior and exterior lights shut off as the car itself flung itself into reverse. Screaming she grabbed the steering wheel but it turned forcefully out of her hand as if it was possessed and spun the car around into another direction. She could feel it shift into drive as she was thrown back into her seat. The headlights beamed back on as the car was charging the line of guards straight towards the elevator. Screaming she tried to grab the wheel and step on the brakes but neither did not good- the car was somehow in control. The wheel quickly wound to the left and the car followed in a sharp turn. Maneuvering in and out of pillars she could see it was headed towards a ramp-an out ramp. The main screen in the center console changed to codes-as if a hacker was using it. Flicking through different screens too fast to comprehend by the human eye a gridded image popped up of a cross bar and it lifted to grant clearance. We approached the ramp where the crossbar was set in place not to let anyone in or out. As we came closer it began to raise and there she was out in the open. Out of the facility.

The car took a sharp right onto the road and headed for the city. Passing through the city streets a warning sign appeared on the scene. “Warning Phase-Shift Armor Not Activated”

“What the hell- Phase-Shift Armor not activated? What does that mean?” Below the message a touch sensitive “Activate” Appeared. She pressed the scene and the whole car began to change. Suddenly compartments that were hidden before opened up to reveal a command center of buttons. Outside she could see something happening to the paint on the hood- it was turning from a matt grey to a brilliant shiny white. On the exterior of the car the grey paint took on a Phase-Shift to impenetrable glossy white armor. The center screen in the car changed to a new message “Welcome to the Audi A7 Crest”

Audi A7 Crest
When the Crest chooses you what will you do? The Audi A7: Strategic and infiltration based car of the 5. Added a little bit of Gundam Seed as well!


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Ahhh I guess im too busy GaZiNg at StArZ
United States

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